11–12 December, 2021

Hosted by BGCC at Molonglo Reach, Campbell ACT

Sanctioned by Paddle NSW in its Ultra-Marathon series

*** Choose to paddle for 24 hours or 16 hours (with a break from 10 p.m. - 6 a.m.) ***

An event for competitive and recreational paddlers; solo paddlers and teams.


Entries: via GoMembership: https://paddleaustralia.justgo.com/Account.mvc/LogIn  

Early-bird entries close 11:59 p.m., Sunday 5 December, 2021. 

Entry Fee: $0 for U18 $20 for U23 $30 for over 65 $35 for all others

Final entries (with late fee of $10) close 11:59 p.m., Tuesday 8 December, 2021

These fees are for current financial members of PNSW/PA. Other paddlers add a $20 surcharge.

Entries are per paddler, not per boat, including for doubles, multi-paddler craft and relay teams.

Enter either the 24-hour or 16-hour event. But have the option of dropping from the 24-hour to the 16-hour event by advising the organisers before 8:00pm on Day 1 of the event.

See GoMembership for restrictions on Junior paddlers, who may enter the 16-hour event.

Course: 4.7 km loop course on the Molonglo River

Briefing:  9:30 a.m. Saturday 11 December 2021

Start Time: 10:00 a.m. Saturday 11 December 2021

Finish Time: 10:00 a.m.  Sunday  12 December 2021

Allowable craft: Kayak, Canoe, Ski and SUP.

Solo – one single or double canoe, kayak, ski or SUP with a single paddler or 2-person crew for the entire event

Team – a relay of paddlers rotating over the period of the event:

• ‘Competitive’ with up to 4 paddlers using single-craft or 8 using double-craft, in one or more canoes, kayaks, skis or SUPs

• ‘Recreational’ with up to 8 paddlers using single craft or 16 using double-craft in one or more canoes, kayaks, skis or SUPs.

Note: Both Solo and Team entries will need a team name when registering. Paddlers on a team must use the identical team name when registering!



This event must be COVID safe.

All participants and spectators must abide by social distancing and all other Government restrictions applicable at the time of the event.

Burley Griffin Canoe Club will be restricting use of the clubhouse facilities.

More information will be distributed closer to the event when the COVID situation is known.

Paddler Safety: A safety boat will be stationed at the start/finish area. However paddlers are responsible for their own safety and the safety of anyone in need of assistance on or in the water. When on the water, paddlers must at all times have a pea-less whistle readily available to relay a message along the river that the safety boat is needed. Any time spent assisting a paddler in difficulty will be allowed for.

Night-time safety – 7:30 p.m. to 6:00 a.m.: All paddlers starting a lap after 7:30 p.m. must wear a lifejacket with a torch and whistle attached. All paddlers must have lights on stem and stern of their craft. Cyalumes will be provided for all craft. Paddlers starting a lap after 6:00 a.m. may choose not to wear a life jacket, but must consider safety factors such as fatigue when doing so.

Amenities: The BGCC club-shed has male and female toilets and showers. Molonglo Reach has public toilets and a free public barbecue. The club-shed kitchen has a fridge, microwave oven, kettle and pod-coffee machine. No catering provided, but cafés and supermarkets are not too far away.

 Use of the kitchen area is currently restricted to 4 people at any time; the board room to 8 people; male change room to 3 people; and female change room to 2 people. Social distancing applies.

Camping: is not permitted at Molonglo Reach, however ‘shelter tents’ are – so nothing too elaborate please! There will be designated shelter tent areas, so please do not set up camp just anywhere. Cars must not be taken onto grassed areas – park in the carparks only!

Given restrictions on use of the clubhouse, it will be even more important that paddlers bring shelter tents and other equipment they require.