Quick Access for Membership

Membership year is from 1st July to 30th June each 12 months. For Standard Level membership, please pay the appropriate combined PNSW/BGCC fees (e.g., Individual Adult: $72 + $70 = $142; New Adult Members now at $52 + $40 = $92). Note: these two deductions will show on your bank statement as EZI-DEBIT AU HEALTHFIT.

If you are updating from PNSW Direct Membership to BGCC Membership on the AC site (see Organisations diagram below), please do that first, or you will be charged and extra $10 by PNSW.

For both re-joining BGCC members and for new BGCC members who have their own boat(s), please use the following membership links: 

For New Members and those BGCC members needing only Standard Level membership, that is all you need to do.

For those club members requiring more than a standard level of BGCC membership  i.e. Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum Level for membership extras, pay through the Register Now link below:

Any problems should be directed to the Memberships Registrar:

For ALL BGCC Memberships

  • All BGCC members must join Paddle NSW/Australian Canoeing as well as joining BGCC. BGCC’s affiliation contract requires all of our BGCC members to also be PNSW/AC members, so that everyone is covered by the Club/State/National insurance for all Club-sanctioned Events

PaddleNSW Membership Categories

All members of PaddleNSW must now join a club. To be recorded as a BGCC member select Burley Griffin Canoe Club under the organisation section of the Australian Canoeing membership page as shown.


Category PNSW fee BGCC fee Total
Adult Member $72 $70 $142
Junior Member (aged 8yrs to U18yrs as at 1st July each year) $58 $35   $93
Adult 5-yr membership $300 $350 $650
Family membership (2 adults and unlimited children U18yrs) $170 $175 $345
Single Event Membership $20 $5 $25
Non-paddlers who are volunteers, officials, carers - FREE $0 $0 $0

PNSW also provides single event membership ($20) for PaddleNSW events (which includes club events).

The payment of the above fees gives you Standard Level BGCC Membership, with the right to use Robust club boats.

To join PaddleNSW or renew your membership click on the Paddle NSW logo below.


Types of BGCC Memberships

Individual Adult Membership

  • Entitled to participate in all BGCC, PaddleNSW, National or Australian Canoeing events
  • Entitled to attend all annual and special general meetings
  • Entitled to one vote at meetings

Family Membership

  • 1 or 2 adults plus any number of related children (juniors) living at the same address.
  • Entitled to participate in all BGCC, PNSW, National or Australian Canoeing events
  • Entitled to attend all annual and general meetings
  • Entitled to a maximum of two votes at all annual and general meetings

Junior Membership

  • Is available to people under 18 years
  • Entitled to participate in all BGCC, PNSW, National or Australian Canoeing events
  • Entitled to use all club boats, but must be under the supervision of a club coach or instructor, or their parent or guardian whenever they are on the water
  • Juniors under 12 years old must have a responsible adult (parent or guardian) stay at the water-side (or on-water in the vicinity), whenever their child is on-water.


Junior: Under 18 at 1st July in year of joining. 

Adult: 18 on or before 1st July in year of joining

PNSW Membership

Standard level BGCC plus PNSW/AC membership gives you access to all Club/PaddleNSW/AC events, as well as insurance and many other benefits.

PNSW Non-Paddling Volunteer Membership

Non-paddling club volunteers need to register with PaddleNSW but there is no membership fee.

Single Event Membership

This membership is provided for people wishing to take part in a single event (such as the Canoe Polo Invitational, an advertised tour, the Burley Griffin Bash marathon races or single club time trial.) This membership is only available for one event, after which it expires and the person would be required to become a normal BGCC member if they wish to continue paddling with the BGCC.

Trial Membership

Trial Membership is for people who wish to trial the sport for a maximum of 3 paddle trials. This membership is only available once to a non-member, who must then decide to either become a full-time member of the club and PNSW/AC, or that BGCC is not for them. A Trial Member is not permitted entry in advertised events, e.g. tour trips, canoe polo games, time trials, etc. This is aimed at people who know a BGCC member who wishes to take them out on the water, to see if they would like to join the club.


BGCC Membership Levels

LEVEL  Privileges  
Standard  All club members are permitted to use Robust club boats whenever the club shed is open. Pay via PNSW/AC
Bronze  Standard Level plus permitted to hire club shed key after 3 months' membership*, with initial refundable deposit fee plus annual hire fee 
Silver   Additional fee with permission to use all approved club boats [not just Robust boats] with the fee to help cover the costs of boat repairs
Gold  Silver Level plus Bronze Level rights and responsibilities 
Platinum   Permission to store own boat in club shed plus hire of club shed key*.

* Must apply to hire a Club Shed key and/or for Platinum Level Membership -  do not just pay and hope to get a shed key or Platinum Membership.

Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum Level upgrade to Standard Level can be paid via the BGCC's Register Now system.

BGCC Membership Upgrade Charges

The membership year aligns with the financial year.  

Membership Levels
Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Payment via Reg.Now Reg.Now Reg.Now Reg.Now
Adult membership $50 $125 $175 $200
Family membership $50 $125 $175 $200
Junior membership N/A N/A N/A N/A
Plus Extra Shed key-hire: $50 N/A $50 $50
Plus “fragile*” boat use N/A $125 $125 $125
Private boat in shed N/A N/A N/A $150


  • There is a refundable deposit fee of $50 on the hire of Club Shed key, as well as the $50 annual fee.
  • Please do not pay for any of the “Extras” unless your are renewing your extant upgrade or it has been approved by club administration.
  • Application Forms, to hire a Club Shed key or for one of the limited number of Platinum Level memberships, are available to download under “Administration” on this site.

New and renewing BGCC Members click the following link to renew your standard membership:


To upgrade your membership and pay extra charges click the following link:


To apply for Platinum Membership, please click here to download the Application Document, print it out and send it in the the Memberships Registrar.


Benefits of Membership

Paddle NSW Inc and Australian Canoeing

Your membership with PNSWI covers your affiliation to Australia Canoeing which includes your insurance. (PNSWI also insures the club as a whole.) It is a condition of the club's affiliation that all our members be individual members of PNSWI. For further information see the PNSWI web page  and for PNSWI Premium Members, the AC web-page  Members are also required to follow rules which aim to protect members from any form of discrimination and harassment. See the AC Member Protection Law web page

As a PaddleNSW member, here are some of the benefits you will receive:

  • Access to compete in state, national and international competitions
  • Discounted entry to PaddleNSW events including marathon , sprint, harbour and ocean races
  • Club Membership information including access to affiliated club facilities, club kayaks and equipment
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Personal Accident Insurance whilst participation in any endorsed/sanctioned PaddleNSW activity
  • Premium Access to the waterways guide
  • Monthly Email Newsletter
  • Discounted access to education and training including instructor course linked to the Australian Canoeing Award Scheme
  • Access to our extensive club and social network
  • Advocacy


Membership of the Burley Griffin Canoe club allows:

  • Access to equipment
  • Access to boat racks in the shed – subject to availability
  • Access to coaches – but please remember that all our coaches are volunteers
  • Club activities
  • The Club Newsletter – Blazing Paddles

Expectation of Members

  • All club members are expected to treat other club members with respect and to assist each other whenever it is appropriate.
  • All club members are to sign in the log-sheets whenever they enter the club shed, for any reason.
  • All club members are expected to treat club equipment with care.  
  • All club members are not to use private equipment without the permission of the owner.

Any questions should be directed to the   Memberships Registrar.               

Mail List

If you wish to receive club emails you are encouraged to add yourself to the club's email list.

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